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About Karen Sotolongo

Professional film director, editor, art director and executive producer graduated from the New York University Tisch School of the Arts in United States, the Metrópolis Education Center, the Barcelona's International Film School (ECIB), the PLató de Cinema Academy in Spain, and the University of Havana in Cuba.
Member of the Barcelona's Documentary Club and the National Union of Writers and Artists in Cuba (UNEAC), she has worked in more than twenty films such as ¨In her hands¨ produced by Netflix, Moon Dogs Films, Chelsea and Hillary Clinton with the Oscar nominated director Marcel Mettelsiefen and Tamana Ayazi; the ¨Moto GP Unlimited¨ streaming serie coproduced by MediaPro Studios and Amazon Prime Video and, her own films, achieving recognition for her work internationally as well as  the DOC NYC film festival, Austin International Art Festival, New York International Women Festival, Hollywood International Golden Age Festival, San Francisco and London Independent Festival and the most recently award for Best European Film Director at the Sweet Democracy Film Awards in Rome.
She currently works as a freelance artist on New York advocating mainly for pacifist and humanitarian causes.

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